There is plenty of information about us on the - you guessed it - About Us page.  But we wanted to make sure this information was set apart and you read it.  It gets to the heart of why we do what we do.


I (Sam) was sitting with a client one day, presenting our portfolio.  After a while, the mother stopped me, and with a thoughtful and somewhat concerned look on her face asked, “Do you only photograph beautiful people?” I must admit, I was caught a little off guard by the question.  It’s a tough one to answer, right?  I know what she meant by it, and the answer she was looking for was “No.” But that’s not entirely true.

I thought about this question for several days. Do we only photograph beautiful people?


We photograph quarterbacks & receivers & pitchers & strikers & point guards.

We photograph cheerleaders & prom queens.

We photograph class presidents & honors students.

We photograph country club kids.

We photograph musicians & singers.


We photograph the kid who sits by themselves at lunch & the kid who would rather be reading a book. 

We photograph the losers & dorks & socials outcasts.

We photograph the lonely & depressed & the cutters.

We photograph the “not pretty enough” and “the not good enough.” 


But here’s the TRUTH: None of that matters. 

They are all a little broken. They’ve all spent a night or two wondering if they are “good enough.” They all are a little self-conscious and at times, lonely.


They are all strong.

They are all proud.

They are all brilliant.

They ARE all good enough.

They are all young men and women figuring out what it means to be Men and Women.

They are all human.



When we fire up the lights, and dig out the camera, and peer through the lens, THAT is what we see.

So, I suppose the answer to your question, ma’am, is: “Yes. We only photograph beautiful people.”

We could give you 100 reasons why you should choose us, but at the end of the day, this is what we most want you to know about us.

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