"What's a VIP?"

Every single client we have gets 100% of our effort and care.  But our VIPs get even more: Huge Discounts, Extra Session time (and more photos), and substantial referral fees that amount to serious cash quickly.

Other studios call them ambassadors, or models, or some other crazy name. But it's all the same thing. The job of a VIP is to help us get the word out about our studio and recruit other members of your class to shoot with us.

"How do I do that?"

It's actually pretty simple. You sign up, and we schedule a VIP Mini-Session with you. We'll spend an hour or so with you shooting a number of images that you'll get just for being a VIP. You post them, talk up your experience with us, and encourage others to use us when it comes time for their session. 

"Does it cost anything?"

Well, yes. Of course it does.

"So why would I want to be a VIP? What do I get out of it?"

Actually, quite a lot, as we mentioned above.

When you sign up to be a rep, you're signing up to have us do your Senior Photos.  You'll pick one of our standard packages, just like everyone else.


You'll get a significant discount for being a Rep.  Like, hundreds of $$ off.


We are going to shoot a Rep Mini Session with you. Free. So you get more than a standard session.


For every referral you make that books with Osborn Photography, you get cold hard cash. Some other studios give you more prints, but we're pretty sure you'd rather have cash.  

You get super discounts, more session time and photos, and the chance to make your session free, or even MAKE money, off of referrals.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Contact Page and send us a message to schedule a meeting.